Summary Response Essay Writing Guide

A good summary response essay is a task, which teachers commonly use when coming up with new assignments. Let’s start with the most crucial question. What is a summary response?

Imagine that you have read some information, article, book, blog post, etc. by the particular author. It is not possible that after reading, you have got no emotions or impressions. Summary response essays are these essays where you have to provide the readers with your summarized impressions after reading this or that info or watching this or that movie/series/cartoon.

The problem is that not every student is aware as well of what to write about, where to start from or how to write a good essay in general. That is why our professional essay writers here to help.

How to Write a Summary Response Properly?

A lot of students wonder, “How to write a summary response paper properly, easily and fast?”. There are some answers. To get an excellent response paper, do the following:

  • Be Aware of Details. When you decided on what topic, or rather movie/book (book, as a rule), you are writing a paper, be sure that you are aware of its deepest details. Why? Because it is really easier to write about something when you know practically everything on it.
  • Avoid Wateriness and Be Precise. Of course, you can use magical words (linking words) to saturate your paper and make it readable and connected within the text, but do not forget to use it in a limited amount. When you use it a lot, it becomes “too much.” Also, you do not have to be too long with the sentences. It is better to use short ones, but be precise and clear.
  • Use Your Own Voice. When you start expressing your emotions to the author’s work, do not forget that you are a personality. There is no need to use the others’ words. You have your own. If you want to cite someone, cite yourself, your own emotions and expressions. Make the readers feel that you have written it all by yourself.
  • Follow Format and Structure. An essay has its traditional structure, which looks like intro — body — conclusion. Follow it as well, and you will get the properly written paper, which will get the highest grades from teachers.

How to Start a Response Essay and Make it Catchy?

Summary response essay introduction starts with getting readers’ attention and getting them to your topic.

Introduce your theme (name the book and its author, for example) and describe the main idea, which is presented as a thesis statement. A thesis is your main sentence and idea of the intro, which is the last in it and is the main sentence and idea of the whole paper. It is what the paper is built on.

Summary Response Essay Format: Proper Structure

As we have said earlier, such a paper has its own summary response essay format and structure that we all know. All you have to do is to follow it.

  1. Intro. We presented intro a little earlier in this article, so, for now, all we are going to say is that you need to work for “catching” the reader and coming up with an unusual and interesting thesis statement.
  2. Body. That is always the central part of an essay where you have to present a point of agreement or disagreement with the topic. Then you have to include arguments and examples in the text.
  3. Conclusion. Of course, the whole summary response paper is already a summary, because you put all your thoughts on the topic together, but a conclusion is something else. In conclusion, you need to sum up all the examples and arguments you have mentioned in the body and restate the thesis of your intro. Make it short, but precise and clear.

Summary Response Essay Outline Definition

How to put your thoughts together? How to stay focused?

An outline for a summary response essay will definitely help you with this. What is an outline? An outline is a separate piece of paper, which serves as a plan for you.

Come up with a plan for your paper. There include every part of the structure. Use headers and subheaders, mentioning their titles. Then you can briefly mention what you are going to write about under each of the titles. It will help you to stay focused on your topic and not turn to the wrong path, changing the main subject.

Now, go ahead! Pick the most suitable topic. Create an outline for the text and start writing. Follow the structure, including the intro with a thesis statement, main body with examples and arguments and conclusion with summarizing everything that has been mentioned before. Show your opinions and be an individuality.

That is the way of how you can get through to the readers or the teacher. This way you can get the best grades for the best summary response essays. Good luck!

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